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Important Questions Your Columbus Real Estate Agents Should Ask

When you are getting ready to buy a home, knowledge really is power. Your Columbus real estate agents are committed to providing you with all the important information you need to make an informed decision. Here are some questions that you should have your Columbus real estate agents ask so that you can understand the state of the house you are considering.
First, ask about the service schedule of the appliances. Your Columbus real estate agents can ask the seller about how old the appliances are and can also ask about the maintenance schedule of the appliances. It will help you know what you are getting into with all the major appliances.
Moisture can be a real problem in many homes. Your Columbus real estate agents can talk to the buyer about whether mold has been treated in the house or if there is evidence of mold. The sellers are bound by law to disclose mold problems, but it is good to specifically ask.
The electrical system is the lifeblood of any home. Have your Columbus real estate agents make sure that the home passed all inspections of the electrical system, especially if the sellers finished sections of the home on their own.
You also want to make sure that the HVAC systems are up to par. Your Columbus real estate agents will help you find out what kinds of maintenance your heater or air conditioning unit have undergone so that you can make sure they will be in good repair when you move in.
The windows in the home are an important way for you to keep energy costs low. If the windows are old, you may consider upgrading the windows. Your Columbus real estate agents can help you figure out necessary repairs into the cost of the home so that your aren’t paying for things that will break down soon after you move in.

Your Columbus Real Estate Agents Talk about Paint Colors

If you followed the advice of your Columbus real estate agents, you have spent a lot of time repainting your home’s interior with neutral colors so that it can go on the market. Now that your home has sold, you can truly start to add your personality to your new home through the paint colors you choose. Here are some tips with painting that will help you be happy with the new colors in your home.
Your Columbus real estate agents helped you find a great house, and you can make it look better with the right paint. When choosing paint, remember that a color on a swatch is going to look different on your wall. If you choose a color with a gray tone, you should always opt for one shade grayer than your color swatch, or you may end up with a purple-hued wall.
The same goes with brown colors. Brown is essentially made with red hues so you should always choose a shade that is browner than you have picked. Otherwise, you will end up with walls that look pink.
Also, before you pick a paint color your Columbus real estate agents know that you should bring the swatches to your home so that you can see the colors in your own light.
Finally, your Columbus real estate agents want you to enjoy the house that you are living in, and paint can help you achieve all kinds of different effects in a room. For example, if you have a huge room that you want to make more personal, try a darker color. It will pull in the room and make it appear smaller.
On the other hand, if your Columbus real estate agents helped you find a house that has smaller rooms, you can use lighter colors and mirrors to give the illusion that the room is much bigger than it looks.
When looking at a home with your Columbus real estate agents, you should always remember that paint can make a big difference in the look of a room. Remember to look at a home for its potential.

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